Some words on Lulu, Tinder and eye to eye contact

Your looks, your social position, your gender, your sexuality, the colour of your skin… People judge each other on a daily basis, almost always forgetting that what really matters is beyond comparison. As if the already existing social pressure wasn’t enough already, recently some people thought it would be fun to bring a more “official” way of judging others: why not rate the girls you have dated? Why not avaluate the sexual performance of that one night stand? And what about making it avaiable for everyone to see?

That’s how apps like Lulu and Tubby were born. If you agree an 8.4 score says absolutely nothing about a person, then you probably see that something is very wrong nowadays. What does a hashtag such as #Shouldcomewithawarning actually say? I, sincerely, don’t have a clue. Specially when it comes from somebody you’re very likely not to have ever met.

We believe that technology is a great thing. Really, one of the co-authors of this post is a Computer engineering’s undergraduate. And he surely is passionate about technology. But much more than that, he is much more passionate about meeting somebody for the first time. Without having ever met that person . With a world of possibilities that might happen. He/she could be truly smart. Or not so much. And could be ginger. Or bald. Tall. Short. It doesn’t matter. Even though we’re 7 billion by now, we still believe that each human is incredibly unique. And so are our relationships. Sure, it might be fun to discard a person or not on Lulu for some minutes, but I believe that that shouldn’t be it. I highly doubt that the same person who gave a “like” to somebody on Tinder, for example, would have the same courage to say “Hi. I think your eyes are outstandingly beautiful” on a face to face situation.

And that is what we believe that makes life worth living. The feel of holding your son for the first time. To travel alone for the first time. To set up your own company. To meet someone whom you can look deep into the eyes and think “Well, even though we haven’t spoken for 10 minutes, that isn’t awkward. The silence completes both of us”.

This is why Huhu was created. It is a parody. But until which point? In a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you believe mankind really deserves? How much do you think you would deserve, if you were analysed by somebody completely out of our society?

Thank you for reading, and if you like, please take a look at our website :D

Liza Bastos Bischoff,
Teógenes Moura

Brasília, Brasil

Brasília, Brasil